martes, diciembre 22, 2009


Tracks :
  1. Litanie des Saints
  2. Careless Love
  3. My Indian Red
  4. Milenburg Joys
  5. I Thought I Heard Buddy Bolden Say
  6. Basin Street Blues
  7. Didn't He Ramble
  8. Do You Call That a Buddy?
  9. How Come My Dog Don't Bark When You Come 'Round
  10. Good Night, Irene
  11. Fess Up
  12. Since I Fell For You
  13. I'll Be Glad When You're Dead, You Rascal You
  14. Cabbage Head
  15. Goin' Home Tomorrow
  16. Blue Monday
  17. Scald Dog
  18. Goin' Back to New Orleans

LIne Up:

Dr. John (vocals, guitar, piano, organ)

Danny Barker (guitar, banjo)

Tommy Moran (guitar)

Pete Fountain (clarinet)

Charles Neville,Herb Hardesty,Eric Traub,Amadee Castenell,Frederick Kemp (tenor saxophone)

Alvin "Red" Tyler,Roger Lewis (baritone saxophone)

Al Hirt,Jamil Sharif,Charlie Miller,Umar Sharif,Clyde Kerr,Jr. (trumpet)

Bruce Hammond (trombone)

Kirk Joseph (tuba)

David Barard, Chris Severin (bass)

Freddy Staehle (drums)

Alfred "Uganda" Roberts,Chief "Smiley" Ricks,Cyril Neville,Charles Neville (percussion)Shirley Goodman,Stephanie Whitfield,Connie Fitch,Tara Janelle,Chuck Carbo (background vocals)

The Neville Brothers: Art Neville,Aaron Neville,Charles Neville,Cyril Neville (vocals)

Goin\' Back To New Orleans.rar / Dr John

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